i just learned

That they’ve begun packaging mens’ button-down shirts with an additional pin. I don’t know how long this has been happening, but it’s new to me, and prior to today, I’d last purchased dress shirts a little more than a year ago, so in the world of button-down dress shirts, it’s a new thing.

The new pin is on the back of the shirt, at the bottom of the placket, which is now folded over so that the Washing Instructions Tag will face outward. Now you can read about how to wash and at what temperature to iron a shirt without disassembling it!

I always feel a little bit bad when I take apart dress shirts to try them on, especially when I don’t go on to actually buy them. I leave a viciously-wrinkled shirt (due its being impressed into that square display-shape) next to a pile of cardboard and plastic molding and some tissue paper and a stack (as neat as possible) of the now ten or so pins used to hold it together. Sometimes there are clips or other novel fastening devices, but pins are much more common as they are cheaper. Does someone at the store have to re-fold/pin/cardboard-stiffen the shirt to be put back on display? If so, how could re-making dress shirts not be the absolute worst part of that job? But if not, where does the shirt go?

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